Embracing the Process!

This past week, the fourth in mission StrongFast, felt transitional. The fatigue and heaviness in my legs was replaced by a feeling of strength as I was able to visualize my expanding fitness level. My grumpy mood from the week before was replaced with a feeling of joy. 

The training session that gave me the greatest sensation of improvement was on Friday April 26th, long run day. This included a total distance of 17 km, with an ascent of the 300 m incline behind parliament hill and the final 1.5 km at my 3.45 min/km pace. The completion of the hill and the pace interval felt easier than on previous occasions. (Note I said easier, not easy. I am striving for StrongFast progression, not ease)

Another aspect of this feeling of contentment is adopting the concept that to quit mid-workout is not productive, but to not be afraid of failure during a workout. Previously, when my legs were burning, heart rate soaring and the only thing I could hear was the sound of my breathing, I would consider and occasional quit mid-set. This only trains my mind and body that this response is acceptable. This is different than if I push through these feelings, but my physical strength and/or endurance prevents me from completing the set. It means that I haven't been successful in terms of completing my intended workout, but my mind and body will be that much stronger and I will be building for success in the next workout.

During a strength workout (some oh so fun clean and presses!) I went to failure, but not completion in my last two of four sets, leaving me feeling exhausted, but satisfied. Such a different feeling than the temper tantrum of last week. And what fun I will have this week, knowing that I will be going into the workout, that much stronger than before.