It's numbers time...

When the time comes and I'm crossing the finish line, it's going to come down to a yes or no. Yes I finished a 5 k race at or below 18 minutes and 45 seconds, or no I did not. The numbers matter. In the first 4 weeks of mission strong fast, I was monitoring my pace and keeping track of the numbers, to some extent.

From here on out that changes. I now have 5 specific training numbers that I am tracking and looking to improve upon each week. The categories that I'm tracking are listed below, along with the numbers I produced during the week of April 29th.

1) Longest Single Segment - 1290 m

2) Total Weekly Volume - 50 k

3) Weekly Volume at or above 3:45 min/km pace = 16.5 k

4) Elapsed time to complete 5 k in 3:45 min/km segments = 33 min 23 sec

5) Fewest segments taken to complete 5 k in 3:45 min/km segments = 13

The process of establishing these numbers went, overall, fairly smoothly. Just a few minor hiccups. I was slightly frustrated with my  result in the fewest segments category. Due to a combination of lack of attention and getting used to using a Garmin, my official attempt for fewest segments ended with 9 segments, but an average time of 3.49 min/km, meaning it does not count. The 13 segments recorded above comes from how many segments I ran during the elapsed time 5 k.

The other challenge was that I completed the elapsed 5 k during a visit to my hometown of Kingston. I found a relatively long and flat road with houses lining either side, to run back and forth on, attempting to complete the distance with as few and as short a rest periods as possible. The difficulty was that I sparked the curiousity of the residents, as they went about their business, drinking morning coffee and cutting lawns. I will have to see what my elapsed time will be when I am not chatting with Kingstonians and answering questions as to what I am doing in between running sets.