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StrongFast Fee Schedule

Physiotherapy Assessment(60 minutes) = $80

A one-on-one assessment by a physiotherapist, including investigation into the current injury or issue, prognosis for recovery, exercise instruction and hands on treatment as required. All of the exercises given will be designed around your sport of choice.

Performance Assessment (60 minutes) = $60

A one-on-one assessment by a physiotherapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), designed to match the physical requirements of your sport. This can include mobility, strength, speed, power and endurance and will be individualized for each client. Included are recommendations to address any areas of weakness and design of an exercise program to reach your goals.

Running Assessment (90 minutes) = $120

A one-on-one session designed to uncover your strengths and weaknesses as a runner, whether beginner or advanced. You will leave with practical knowledge about running biomechanics, strength and flexibility requirements of running, training principles and footwear choice to both prevent and recover from injuries and improve your performance.

Physiotherapy Treatment Session (45 minutes) = $60

A one-on-one treatment session revolving around exercise as the primary method for rehabilitating an injury and hands-on treatment and Active Release Technique (ART) used to supplement the recovery process. Must be preceded by a physiotherapy or running assessment done by a StrongFast physiotherapist to ensure that the optimal treatment is applied.

StrongFast Training (60 minutes) = $40

A one-on-one exercise session, with supervision, instruction and progression of exercises by a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning specialist. Must be preceded by a physiotherapy, performanceor running assessment.

Active Release Technique Session (30 minutes) = $45

A session including purely hands-on treatment. Must be preceded by a physiotherapy assessment.

* All Physiotherapy, ART, Performance Assessment and Running Assessment sessions are covered bymost extended health insurance plans. StrongFast Training may be covered by extended health insurance depending on the session goals.

Training Programs (120 minutes) - $150

Whatever your goal -- a fast 10k, to get stronger, to look better -- I can design a custom training program to get you the results you want. This package includes a performance assessment, technique instruction for the various exercises, and a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goal. 

Opening Specials

Runner's Special – Running Assessment and 3 Training Sessions for $200 ($240 value)

Training Package – 6 Training Sessions for $180 ($240 value)

Bring a Buddy – Bring along a friend to a training session for an additional $15 dollars. (included in this special will be a brief fitness assessment to ensure appropriate exercises are given)

Forms of Payment Accepted

- visa, mastercard, cash, cheque, interac e-transfer